Club Profile


The club is made up of the following:

  • A professional team participating in the top division of the Premier Soccer League
  • A reserve team participating in the PSL Reserve League
  • An Under 19 (Colts) team participating in the SAFA Colts league
  • 5 Student and amateur teams participating in various amateur Gauteng leagues
  • A development section consisting of 17 teams from Under 6 to Under 17
  • Three divisions of student teams consisting of a total of 28 teams
  • Two divisions of accounting graduates’ teams consisting of 20 teams
  • A ladies’ team participating in the tertiary education institutions competitions

Mission Statement

We aim to achieve the following:

  • To strive for success in competitions, particularly at professional level.
  • To provide opportunities for both students and non-students of all races and ages to play football at all levels.
  • To conduct the Club’s affairs with honesty, integrity and dignity.
  • To run a development programme that provides the highest quality of coaching at all levels so that players may be empowered to advance themselves through the sport.
  • To administer the Club along professional business lines so as to maximise profits which may then be fed back into further development and infrastructure building.
  • To support the education and career development of our playing, coaching and administrative staff through bursaries and grants to attend courses, schools, colleges, and the University of the Witwatersrand.

Our History


  • The Soccer Club was formed in 1921 when the Students Representative Council eventually succumbed to pressure that had been coming from students at the Transvaal Technical Institute (the forerunner of the University). The Club’s three teams participated in the League for the first time in 1922, the same year as the University of the Witwatersrand was formed.
  • Having won the Transvaal Second Division in its first year, the Club was promoted to the First Division in 1923. This glory was short-lived however, and the Club was relegated at the end of the season. Things got steadily worse, and the Club was soon languishing in the Third Division.
  • In 1930, eight years after the Club was formed, the first team played its first match on grass!
  • By 1930 the Club had formed an Under 20 team, the start of the now famous youth policy. Also by this time the senior team had secured a place in the First Division of the Witwatersrand League.
  • The first major success of the youth policy came about in 1938 when eighteen year old Trefor Roberts was selected for the Southern Transvaal Senior team which toured Mocambique.
  • The first major trophy was won in 1943 when the Club won the Southern Transvaal First Division title.
  • Intervarsity soccer started in 1948, with the tournament being hosted by Cape Town University. Wits University went on to win the trophy with their toughest opposition coming in a 2-1 win against Natal in extremely muddy conditions.
  • The National Football League, the first professional league in the country, was formed in 1959. It was to be 17 years later that Wits would finally earn a place in the NFL First Division.
  • The Club made it to the NFL Second Division in 1961, playing as an amateur team.