The Beginning

Football was played as early as 1905 at the Transvaal Technical Institute but with the introduction of rugby four years later, it became a defunct activity. After 1909 there is no record of the game being played again until a petition to establish a football club was presented by interested students to the SRC of the Johannesburg University College in 1919. Initially the petition was rejected in fear of it detracting from rugby.

However, it seemed inevitable that football would make a break-through because at the time all the english-medium schools played the sport in preference to rugby. With โ€œillegalโ€ friendlies on the increase the SRC was forced to relent and in September 1921, a football club was formed.

The first official league season was played in 1922, the year in which the University of Witwatersrand came into being. Three teams were entered into various divisions with the First XI finishing unbeaten in the Transvaal Second Division.

Having won the Transvaal Second Division in its first year, the Club was promoted to the First Division in 1923.This glory was short-lived however, and the Club was relegated at the end of the season. Things got steadily worse, and the Club was soon languishing in the Third Division.