Having joined Bidvest Wits from Ajax Cape Town and then finding his first goal in his debut matchagainst Bloemfontein Celtic, Terror Fanteni is ready to give his all for the Clever Boys.
In this Q&A Fanteni shares his thoughts on the club, the coach and what to expect from him this season.

Welcome to the club Terror, has the adjustment to life at Bidvest Wits been an easy transition?
Thank-you very much, I am happy to be here. It was easy for me to adapt here because the experienced players know what you need to hear, especially if you are a new player – everyone has been very encouraging.

Why did you choose to join Wits ahead of other clubs?
I think Bidvest Wits is one of the top clubs in the country – that is why it was very easy for me to join the team.

What is the biggest difference between Wits and your former club Ajax?
There is not much difference (between Wits and Ajax). Here (at Wits) we have a lot of experienced players which makes it easier for a new player like me who has just joined the club to fit in. At Ajax there are more young players who are still learning.

What are your thoughts on coach Antonio Lopez Habas?
He is a very good coach – he welcomed me with open arms and he has told me what he expects of me when we are defending and when we go forward, the rest is up to me, I am a footballer and I know what to do on the field.

Did the coach mention anything about the number of goals he wants you to score?
He didn’t mention goals, he just explained the team’s place, and how we defend and how we go forward. That is all, he didn’t mention goals, but I know I am a striker and I must score goals.

Wits recently picked up their first three points of the season with a 2-0 win over Bloemfontein Celtic and you also scored your first goal, tell us about that…
It was a very good game for us (against Celtic). We played very well – we defended as a team, we went forward as a team. And I was very happy to score my first goal for the club.

Wits struggled in their first two league games before picking up that win against Celtic, what are your thoughts regarding that?
Wits didn’t do very well in their first two games, but sometimes it takes a little bit of time for players to adjust because we have a lot of new players in our squad. But I really can’t say much regarding the first two games because I was still at Ajax and only joined the club just over a week ago.

There is an international break now of about two weeks, what will you and the team be doing during that time?
For me personally it will give me some time to work a little bit harder to get used to the weather this side because I am coming from the coast – it will give me time to adjust to life here. For the team it is an opportunity for us to work even harder because we don’t have a game on the weekend.

Coming from the coast, did you struggle with the altitude in your first game against Celtic?
Yes I did struggle, especially in the second half. I did indicate to the coach that I was tiring, but unfortunately there was forced substitution during the match and I had to finish the game.

What can we expect from Wits this season?
With the squad we have we must at least finish in the top eight and also win one or two trophies – we are a good team with a lot of experience mixed with youth.

Do you have any words of warning for your upcoming opponents?

I think the way we played against Bloemfontein Celtic sent a message to our next opponents.


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