Netherlands Follow-up On Community Project


Delegates from the Netherlands Embassy have been in the country to follow-up on the progress of the Hillbrow Community Project that BIDVest Wits F.C started in partnership with KNVB and the Hillbrow SAPS and has been overseeing for the past month. The project is in its early stages with the community coaches being placed in various schools and shelters around the Hillbrow area to run basic soccer clinics that include life skills and crime prevention knowlegde. KNVB’s CEO Mr. Kesler expressed his satisfaction and excitement about the projects progress thus far and confirmed that they were also looking into implementing similar projects across the country. The Dutch were also in the country to sign an agreement with Wits University, Johannesburg campus regarding using the university’s rugby fields as their base camp and training grounds during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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